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But now HAsport makes mounts for CRZ which support k24 transmissions (TSX 6 spd, Civic si. You don&39;t need the K24A1 manual. It&39;s close enough to the RSX to not matter. Hope you guys enjoyed!

• You can use an 05-06 RSX or 05-06 Element harness for swaps. Acura Rsx Auto To Manual Swap. RSX® standard duty commercial operators provide easy operation with superior functionality for the most stringent applications. You can buy the manual on line from helminc. If you were to use a k24 block, you would still need a k20z3 or a K20 DC5/RSX-S transmissions. You will receive one in close or identical shape as the one. Anyway, the problem I have right now is the engine won&39;t crank. In this edition of How to Yard we come across a mint Acura RSX Type S.

Sheldon12345 · Registered. I did NOT change any of the wiring harnesses but I managed to redo my wiring correctly it seems. I just got a completely stock 02 base model rsx and it is an automatic, I got it because it was the cheapest clean and non salvaged title rsx I could find in California in 2 years of searching.

How much does rsx manual swap a RSX engine cost? and what all would i need to get and get rid of. Race-Spec Billet Shifter Box Manual For Acura RSX Civic K-swap EG EK DC2 EF (Fits: Acura RSX) 9.

Here is a parts list and feel free to ask questions. The shifter and cables for our swap. I turn the key, clutch pedal fully pushed and nothing. You can even launch the car in 2nd with those gears. · RSX Base Auto rsx manual swap w/ K24A2 swap. What will I need I buy and would I have to buy the products before.

Acura RSX Manual Acura RSX Manual Acura RSX Manual. · Take a look at the Honda CRV and the Acura RSX swap featuring the Honda engines k20a, and the k24 engine. The power-robbing automatic transmission after being yanked from Project RSX. You can choose to use the OEM RSX unit but if your engine/trans didn’t come with it the other solution is to gett an aftermarket one. Tuning by Nick Toronto, Ontario, Canada com Acura RSX Type S Acura TSX K24A2 Engine Swap KTuner ECU RBC Intake Mani. The JDM iS/Type S (not to be confused with the RSX Type-S), which was essentially the same as the base Acura RSX, featured the K20A3 engine with an output of 160 hp (120 kW) and is offered with either a 5-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. The car was once an auto. Innovative Mounts Conversion Transmission Mounting Bracket for theHonda Civic Type-R/Si FG/FA/EP3 &RSX (DC5) Designed to fit the Acura DC5 & Honda EP3/FG/FA chassis with K-Series engines when performing an auto to manual transmission swap.

(Can go up depending upon labor of shop). So I have an &39;04 Acura RSX that I&39;m doing an auto to manual swap on (inb4 somebody says "shoulda just bought a manual"). I eventually took an ITR gearbox and put a GearX 4. So now a complete k24 swap can be done in very less $$$$ Estimated Project cost will be$. Locate garage door chain hoist suppliers using our distributor locator to assist you in purchasing the RSX commercial operator. Headers are another one-off part specifically designed to work with the K-swap. · The first step for more performance with Project RSX then is swapping from the automatic transmission to a manual one. As can be seen, this is a reference photo of one of our swaps.

Rsx auto to k24 manual swap. The k24 manual tranny&39;s wont be ideal for a swap car like eg/ek/dc2. Even if he swaps the tranny to manual, he&39;ll still be stuck with the base k20a3 engine. Convince your friend to sell the Auto Base and get the Type S.

The RSX Type-S had a 200 hp (149 kW) (–) K20A2 or 210 hp (157 kW) K20ZLabeled in as 201 hp (150 kW) due to SAE hp calculation revision) 12 inand a close-ratio 6-speed. One of the other key components to the swap is the shifter and linkage. Free local pickup.

0 in it, and that combo rocks. I&39;m doing a kswap ala MAP, meaning I have the Innovative mounts, PNP harness,Hondata KPro,DSS axles,shifter cables,clutch m/c and pedal,brake pedal and k20/6spd from a RSX and it&39;s all installed. Buy Aluminium Manual Shifter Box For RSX Type-S K-Swap for Honda Civic 89-00 EM2 Integra K20 K24 01-05: Shifters - Amazon. This will only work for engine swaps. can anyone give me advice toward what a good manual tranny is for my car? But I want to make it stick shift.

However, I have searched extensively, through this community and many others, and. TL:DR - my engine for the base RSX manual is fucked, and I&39;m considering buying a used engine of the same type and having someone put it in for me (relatives) or by a professional (a shop), or myself (last ditch effort). The k20z3 has a different VSS than the k20a2. K-Tuned K Swap 4-2-1 Budget Stainless Steel Race Header 9. · Used engine and transmission swap out of a Acura RSX 6 Speed manual. 49 Vehicle Specific Hasport 06-11 Civic Si Billet Rear Mount: 62A. com or if you have a PC with Windows Internet Explorer, you can access the information in PDF format online from Honda at Service Express for a small fee. This is a short-air version of K-Tuned’s intake, they now offer a newer Universal K-Swap Cold Air Intake which you’ll need for the swap.

Base Model RSX and EP3 require 02-04 Type S swap or K24 with K20A2 Transmission. K20Z1 engine and Transmission. I have seen the complete swap go for as little as 0 which makes it somewhat enticing. Quality, Precision, and Performance. first let’s talk about transmission choices. All Prices are Installed please call for details.

What is the transmission size of a RSX? Engine Swaps Conversions for Acura Integra RSX. Insane Shafts 94-01 Integra / 92-00 Civic 36mm T J-Swap 500hp Axles. We will show you some of the most inexpensive ways to modify your car&39;s engine. With the Hondata KPro4 it is possible to use theRSX base auto ECU instead of the more expensive 02-04 PRB (6-speed) ECU on engine swaps. Ending Dec 6 at 2:15PM PST 1d 10h.

A decent K24 just burns tires in 1st. Innovative 02-06 RSX / 02-05 Civic Si Passenger Billet Motor Mount: 75A 4. I feel like the build is coming down to the last steps and I&39;m so excited! The RSX Type-S had a 200 hp (149 kW) (–) K20A2 or 210 hp (157 kW) K20Z1 (Labeled in as 201 hp (150 kW) due to SAE hp calculation revision) inand a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission. to help with the removal of the engine. · Base model RSX and 03-05 Civic Si engines are cheap too. Finally, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The manual shifter bolts in using the same holes in the chassis but you&39;ll want longer bolts. so i have a 1991 Acura Integra GS four door its Currently has an Auto tranny. This is the exact platform most K series builders start from.

I fully realize and anticipate some will tell me to search the forums, and I get that, I really do. Parts: TSX 6 speed transmission. DC Sports 02-06 RSX Base / 02-05 Civic Si Ceramic Race Header. wow kool write up man this is def goin to be real useful for those who wants to do a manual. The car is in great. Comes with K20a2 Engine long block, K20a2 transmission, half shaft, axles, harness and shifter cables. 99 Vehicle Specific. 0L with 6 Speed Transmission.

I want to know how stupid of an idea that might be. The engine is from an 04-05 TSX. But with 30 ft/lbs less torque than a K24 and only a few more than a B18C we skipped it. Odds are you’ll have no problems with either so the decision is yours. For questions regarding Engine Swaps, Builds, Labor Pricing, Services & Appointments call us ator email · Used engine and transmission swap out of a Acura RSX 6 Speed manual. Today I talked about all the parts that you are going to need to get rsx manual swap in order to convert your car from an auto to manual transmission. This is an overhead door chain hoist. i would like to swap it for a manual tranny.

I recently bought an RSX base model engine for 0. Once again, I suggest getting an RSX service manual from Helm Inc. Base model RSX and 03-05 Civic Si engines are cheap too. ECU Part Numbers that can be used: 37820-PND-A51 to 37820-PND-APND-A306 The auto PND ECU processes vehicle speed from a senso. Discussion Starter • 1. See more results. Comes as a complete swap.

And Since you&39;re doing a Frank most likely using a K20A2 RSX-S head you&39;ll be able to use those torque specs for the engine. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. Race Spec Billet Shifter Box Manual For Acura RSX Civic K-Swap EG EK DC2 EF K20 (Fits: Acura RSX) 4. You need a rsx-s throttle body with is cable driven. The only difference between the EP3 and the 02-04 RSX base is 1&2, which are too short in the RSX, IMO. Will anything change?

Comes with K20Z1 Engine long block, K20Z1 transmission, half shaft, axles, harness and shifter rsx manual swap cables. Insane Shafts 03-07 Accord 2. Can you swap OEM RSX units?

For ECU, I would only get Kpro or another EMS as they would be most beneficial for the short/long run. • You’ll also need an 05-06 Front O2 Sensor to retain closed loop. What engine does the Acura RSX Type&39;s have? 05 Acura RSX Type S Manual OEM Engine Harness. RSX-S ratios on a K24 have the same issue with the lower gears, IMO.

K20a2 engine and Transmission. 02-04 RSX, 03-05 EP3, and swap vehicles: • If you’re using an 02-04 engine harness you will need a conversion harness to utilize the 05-06 ECUs our platform is built on. Hasport K20 K20A K20Z K24 Swap RSX Sub Harness For 99-00 Civic Ekwk-2. For the tranny, get a k20a2/k20z3/k20z1 tranny. Finished my AT to MT swap in my k24a2 7th gen accord. Insane Shafts 02-06 RSX Type-S 500HP Axles. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

What I&39;m asking is if there are some innate differences between a manual and SMT chassis that I need to be concerned about. In my case, I bought the shifter from a manual 01 Civic for and the cables from a base RSX for . New the RSX Type S stuff cost over 0. like would my TCM leave the picture.

9 Instagram: Swishlife_ Personal IG: Kalebt95 Snapchat: Kalebt95 Ebay: Hi All, I&39;m currently in the process of doing a k24a2 swap into my base 03 RSX. I have gotten so much useful info from from this site that I wanted to contribute what little help I can for those crazy enough to do this swap. The RSX was available with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automatic with Sequential SportShift and Grade Logic Control. If you’re sticking with the stock RSX shifter then a mounting kit is an affordable and easy solution.

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